Filin is a learning center. A learning center for adults who want to sharpen their knowledge on Genetic (DNA) Genealogy.
Filin is a project of Erik Mols MSc BEd, trained at Wageningen University in bio-informatics, currently free scholar.
Erik offers support through his free online course and Youtube channel

Erik’s services are monetized true patreon. As a patreon supporter you can get many benefits, like a fysical copy of Erik’s DNA Genealogy Textbook and live discussion sessions, but do read more on patreon.

Filin is Russian for an Owl, like an owl the people behind Filin are not born wise, but became wise by studying and practice. A Russian name because Filin just sounds better than Owl in English or Uil in Dutch.  Feel free to look arround, you are welcome! 

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What makes us unique:

Academic knowledge and experience brought to a more practical level, understandable for nearly everybody.  

A free DNA Genealogy course, supported by a free Facebook help group and a commercial Webinar which is not mandatory. Pay when you want to pay.